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Affordable Housing

As a real estate agent I know affordable housing is not just a dream; it's a necessity for thriving communities. New home construction and rent are too high for the average person in Wisconsin.  I will work towards increasing access to safe and affordable housing options by concentrating on legislation that supports sustainable development. As your representative, I am committed to making affordable housing. These are my housing priorities:

  • Creating policy which offsets infrastructure cost to make development more affordable

  • Support pro-renter policies to allow for a more affordable rental market

  • Work with counties and municipalities to build up departments that support positive affordable housing options


Access to affordable healthcare is not a privilege; it is a basic human right.  Abortion access has been a right my entire life until the overturning of Roe V Wade in 2022.  I will continue to fight to restore the freedom women deserve.  As your representative, I am also committed to fighting for comprehensive and affordable healthcare.  These are my healthcare priorities:

  • Restore Roe V Wade rights to the State of Wisconsin 

  • Implement policies that lower healthcare costs & expand coverage 

  • Support bills to control the cost of prescription pills in the state of Wisconsin 


Our Wisconsin education system has been underfunded for more than 15 years.  Due to the lack of state funding school referendums have been required keep our schools staffed, up to date & operating.  This state should have an obligation to support our public schools.  Strong communities are built on prospering schools. These are my education priorities:

  • Fight to restore collective bargaining for teachers in Wisconsin

  • Restore funding to public schools by extending additional shared revenue and restricting private school vouchers

  • Expand 3k-4k programs in Wisconsin to relieve child care shortage and expand schools to accommodate 

Workers Rights

Workers are the backbone of our economy and I believe our state and country are in the middle of a new labor movement.  Workers deserve to be paid good wages, have reasonable hours and have good benefits.  Workers rights and fair wages are at the forefront of my priorities. As your representative I will: 

  • Fight to strengthen workers' rights, protect collective bargaining and advocate for fair wages

  • Advocate for an economy that works for everyone, where hard work is rewarded, and every worker has the opportunity to thrive and succeed

  • Work with union leaders and workers to hear what rights are important to them 

I want to hear from you! 

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